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Instagram has become one of the world’s most downloaded apps. If you know anything about Instagram you know that one of the key aspects of keeping it a popular social media is its use of “followers”. Followers on Instagram work in the same way followers or “friends” work on other social networking sites. Followers follow what you post, like or comment on what they see, and are a number one part of making you instafamous. Your followers are able to see what you post when you post it; they are also able to look through your profile anytime they choose so. Followers can work in two ways depending on what your privacy settings are for your account. If your profile is set to public you will most likely gain more followers, as any Instagram user is able to go on and see your posts and follow you simply with the click of a button. On the other hand, though, if your profile is set to private users have to request to follow you and are unable to see any of your posts until you approve they follower request. If you deny a follower request that person will remain unable to see any of your posts.  Following others is also a great way to get others to follow you back. There is nothing wrong to buy instagram followers as followers are one that  keep the social in social media.